Don Martin’s Coffee Co.

We are a Southtown coffee shop with an old-school vibe! Partners Brian & Janet Correa envisioned a coffeeshop where the history of Brian’s family and the culture of San Antonio could come together under one roof. We serve up fresh Pan Dulce, sweet paletas, select craft beer, wine and sodas. We believe in getting back to our roots and culture, and we want to carry on the history of Brian’s grandfather Martin Ramirez, one of the original Bar America owners. The Don Martin name came from regulars to the bar calling him “Don Martin,” a term of endearment and respect within the Mexican culture. We want to pay homage to the patriarch, a true pachuco. So put on your Stacey Adams, pressed khakis, and your fedora and come in and enjoy the awesome atmosphere of Don Martin’s Coffee Company!

Contact info

540 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA


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