Alejandro Augustine Padilla Gallery

Alejandro Augustine Padilla is a self-taught artist who has been painting in oils since the age of 15. Padilla’s artistic influences are varied and range from Contemporary artists such as Odd Nerdrum, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dino Valls, to the writing of intellectuals like Paul Valery, Gore Vidal and the Surrealist works of Yves Tanguy and Luis Buñuel.

Padilla’s painting style combines dramatic illumination, elongated shadows and deep, dark negative space with meticulously painted objects. Although he is influenced by the stylistic techniques and fascination with the subconscious of the Surrealists, Padilla draws direct inspiration from his own experiences in dealing with mental illness and his sharp awareness of anxiety and how trauma affects a person’s mental health.

His work can be found in private collections throughout San Antonio and continues to gain recognition.


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