Conjunto — the traditional music of South Texas — dates back to the end of the 19th century. European settlers moved into the area with their button accordions and began ‘making music’ with Mexican settlers who favored the bajo sexto (a lower sixth bass guitar traditionally used in Norteño music). The results were magical, and became the signature sound of South Texas — particularly San Antonio.

Conjunto is as ‘Texas as the two-step’ and as ‘San Antonio as the Alamo’. Many of the genre’s pioneers lived, worked, performed and recorded in San Antonio. Conjunto legends Flaco Jimenez, Bene Medina, and Mingo Saldivar continue to perform in and around San Antonio.

The Conjunto Heritage Taller (CHT) is a community-based organization dedicated to the preservation, instruction and perpetuation of traditional Conjunto music. CHT offers low-cost accordion and bajo sexto classes to the community, and it offers opportunities to its students to participate and perform in several events and festivals throughout the year. CHT students have performed at the Tejano Conjunto Festival, the Texas Folklife Festival, the International Accordion Festival, the King William Parade, and at community National Night Out and other events. These fun and lively performances give students a chance to showcase their talents and accomplishments, and provide visitors and residents the opportunity to experience and appreciate the traditional music of the region.


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