Margarita ‘Magali’ Benavides

I have always drawn and painted.  I graduated from the University of A & I in Kingsville with a degree in Art Education.  I have been told that I am an emotional painter.  Life is my inspiration: every sunrise fuels my drive to capture a fragment of nature’s daily masterpieces.

I paint in landscapes, still life and abstracts.  I paint quickly always trying to capture the ever elusive lift.  My fleeting inspirations print images on my impressionistic mind, transcending to free brush strokes, finding hidden colors among hues.  My subconscious drifts to a reminiscent nostalgia as if brush and paint are a time machine.

It is with no complexity or scientific method that my emotions are expressed, not in simple or enriched words, but in colors of my soul heard by my heart.  It is my hope that my works will inspire you to find beauty in what we dismiss day by day as mundane, whether it is a pile of autumn leaves, a nestled church in a deep forest, or a cowboy on horseback admiring his cattle under the Texas sky.


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