The Frutería – Botanero by Chef Johnny Hernandez is inspired by Mexico’s beautiful and colorful fruit stands. The name literally means “green grocer” and the look pays homage to the Mexican “Tree of life” drawings on amate (bark) paper hanging on the walls.

The space echoes a Mexican Botanero which is a casual space where people gather after work to get botana-style Mexican tapas and cocktails.

The atmosphere of The Frutería tips its hat to Mexico’s artisans. The space is contemporary yet casual anchored by the use of vibrant colors and textures. From the furniture, lighting, artwork to the earthenware used to serve food, The Frutería provides an authentic and fresh experience.

By day the menu offerings range from fresh fruit cups, licuados(smoothies) to tortas and tostadas for breakfast and lunch. By night, The Frutería transforms into a Botanero offering Mexican tapas or small plates of botanas or antojitos, ranging from nuts, guacamoles, stuffed peppers to bite-size tostadas or chilapitas. The Frutería drink menu includes a well thought-out list of Tequilas from various regions and fruit infused cocktails. Come in, have a seat and enjoy this new Botanero by Chef Johhny Hernandez.


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